Alexander Wang FW2020

Alexander Wang FW2020

Alexander Wang has always enjoyed experimenting. A couple of seasons ago Wang’s collections became “too sporty” and stopped being as well-received by the brand followers as before. In his latest collections, Alexander Wang added luxury, a tiny bit of glamour and a few elements of aesthetics from different subcultures, the style of the 1990s, hence relevant and beautiful images have been obtained.

In addition, the designer decided to draw attention to his creations by means of an unusual schedule of his shows. The spring-summer 2020 collection has been shown before the main schedule of the Fashion Week, and the upcoming fall-winter 2020 season has been demonstrated way before the New Year 2020.

If this initiative brings success to Alexander Wang in the future, there are going to be many followers. Then the very existence of official Fashion Weeks will be in jeopardy, because every designer will be able to conduct a show whenever he wants. The disappearance of Fashion Weeks is a very sad prospect, so we hope for the best and believe in their great future. In the meantime, let’s see what Alexander Wang offers for the upcoming season.

Alexander Wang models are dressed in fabrics of different textures, which is very pleasing, as everyone is tired of the standard materials. Alexander Wang’s fabric always look expensive and beautiful, creating very confident, strong and at the same time seductive images. It doesn’t matter how genuine those materials look today – “expensive and fits perfectly” this is the general impression of the collection.

However, Alexander Wang didn’t forget about his favorite sports style. Many looks combine sportswear together with more elegant entourage. In addition, there are a few business looks and simply practical, cozy things.

In general, Alexander Wang has a rich selection of women’s clothing and accessories, so you can create images in a variety of styles and look very fashionable.